Ways to Support Local Business During COVID-19

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Unless otherwise stated, many of our area businesses remain open, and continue to provide a positive, safe, and welcoming experience. Area shops and restaurants are taking extensive, diligent measures to provide a clean, safe and welcoming environment for customers.


Nevertheless, the COVID-19 public health crisis can post incredibly difficult financial challenges to our locally owned and operated stores, services, and restaurants. Event just a few weeks of diminished patronage can be devastated.


We encourage everyone to follow the guidelines of public health official at the local, state, and national level, and high-risk populations especially should exercise caution. If you choose to limit your exposure temporarily, here are a few meaningful ways you can still shop local and help some of your favorite Iowa Great Lakes businesses during this challenging time.

Try Out These Ways to Support Local Businesses!


Buy a Gift Card

As a promise to return to support them, purchase gift card from your favorite local shops and restaurants. This puts money in the pocket of your favorite store owner today and helps them to cover operating expenses and help assure a strong tomorrow.

Pay it Forward – Consider buying gift cards now to gift to health care providers, service staff, or teachers!

Shop Online or By Phone 

Many retailers have online shops. Use this time to check out their online offerings. For those shops who don’t offer online options, many are happy to take an order over the phone. Plus, I”m sure they could benefit from hearing a friendly, supportive voice!

Order Take-Out

If you’ve decided to spend more time at home, call in your order and schedule a time for pick-up and carry-out.

Tip A Little Extra

Have a steady paycheck? Leave a little extra cash for service workers – they especially are going to need help. Consider a full tip on takeout orders, and designate a little extra for the kitchen staff, too.

Social Currency

Spending more time online? Engage with your favorite businesses – it doesn’t cost a thing! Like, Comment, and Share their social media posts. It’s free to you, but it helps to remind businesses that we haven’t forgotten about them.

Show Your Local Support

Show your support and help spread the word by using #supportlocalboji hashtag on social media!