Walleye Weekend Grant Process


Angling has always been a major part of the Iowa Great Lakes culture. In appreciation of the anglers who have supported our local businesses and the tradition of 40 years of Iowa Great Lakes Walleye Weekend the Iowa Great Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce a new grant application program.  A portion of the proceeds from Walleye Weekend will now be allotted to a chosen project or group which promotes or affects fishing in the Iowa Great Lakes Area. Examples include but are not limited to: water quality, boating access, facilities, and improving aquatic habitat for sport fish.


The amount will be determined based on the proceeds and application requests. Groups interested in applying must do so before May 1, 2022. 501C-3 non-profit organizations interested in applying for a grant can email blain@okobojichamber.com or call 712-332-2107 for more information. The Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to continue giving back to the angling community to enhance the fishing industry in the Iowa Great Lakes Area.


For more information regarding the 40th Annual Walleye Weekend, visit www.okobojichamber.com or call 712-332-2107.