Brent Herrig: Spoonfuls of Inspiration Gallery Reception

Everyone who works in the culinary scene has a favorite spoon. In this series from New York City-based photographer Brent Herrig, chefs, bartenders and baristas create abstract self-portraits using this indispensable tool and the ingredients that inspire them.

“While searching for a personal project to start back in 2012, I came across the spoon. Yes the spoon, as in the thing you mix with, measure with, serve with, and even eat with. I learned that almost every chef has a favorite spoon. And it is quite often their favorite tool in the kitchen. I paired this idea with the food they are passionate about, food that inspires them, and drives them to be in the culinary world.”

June 20, 2019 5:00 pm
5:00 pm — 7:00 pm (2h)

Pearson Lakes Art Center