Teen Art | Grades 7-12

Teen Art | 7-12 grade
Wednesday & Thursdays | 2-4 pm
Fee: $16 | Members $12
Registration required one week prior
June 9 & 10| Landscape Painting in New Heights
Students will view paintings by Milt Heinrich in the gallery and use his work as inspiration as well as drone photography to sketch and paint in acrylics their very own land or cityscape.
June 16 & 17| Reduction Sculpture
In this two-day workshop, students will begin with a 3lb block of clay where they will learn the process of reduction carving with various tools. Pieces will be underglazed by the student and left to dry, where they will be kiln fired and ready to pick-up within two weeks.
June 23 & 24| “Glass” Flower Sculpture
Teens will discover how to recycle CDs and plastic cups to create a beautiful floral-like sculpture with sharpies and a toaster oven. Pieces will be sculpted with wire and attached to a wood base.
July 7 & 8 | Wheel Throwing
Learn the steps and techniques to throwing a basic cylinder to bowl form on the pottery wheel. Beginner students will focus on centering the clay and what tools/steps necessary to begin a career in pottery. Pieces will be left to dry, where they will be kiln fired/glazed and ready to pick-up within two weeks.
July 14 & 15| Found Object Fish Sculpture
Mary Ament sculptures, on display in the Weaver Lobby at the PLAC, will be our inspiration for this two-day workshop. The teen will use a basic wood shape and choose from a variety of gathered objects to attach, paint, and alter to create their own aquatic creature.
July 21 & 22| Modern Meets Traditional Portraits
Paint your very own realism portrait based on New York City visual artist, Kehinde Wiley, who paints larger-than-life figures often blurring boundaries between traditional and contemporary.
July 28 & 29 | Outdoor Studies
Take your art-making skills outside as we explore the grounds of the PLAC and sketch and paint Plein Air, a french term meaning out in the open. Students will use oil pastels and chalk pastels on board and easel. Although shade and water will be provided, a hat is suggested as well as sunscreen. In case of implement weather, students will be located in the atrium.
August 4 & 5 | Still Life in Oil Paint
Discover the process of oil painting in this two-day workshop. Participants will learn the basic setup/clean-up of oil paints, application of paint, and care for finished works. The still life painting will be inspired by the artist, Anna Youngers

August 5, 2021 2:00 pm
2:00 pm — 4:00 pm (2h)

Pearson Lakes Art Center