The Collector Artist

July – October 3, 2020
Monte Pearson Gallery

Featuring the works of Beverly Pearson
with selections from the Pearson Art Foundation Collection

Founded by Beverly and the late Gerald L. “Bud” Pearson in 1971, the mission of the Pearson Art Foundation has always been to foster art appreciation and art education in young people, while also acquiring works of art and placing them on extended loan here at the Pearson Lakes Art Center – providing an exceptional collection for the public to enjoy and the opportunity to share these works as part of our educational programming.

Collecting, in itself, is an art; selections are made strategically to enhance your collection or the other works that may follow.

After studio visits with Beverly, who has her own prolific and well-appointed studio, it is a joy to share more of Beverly’s art (she previously exhibited in 2005 of watercolors from her travels). It wasn’t until her paintings arrived in the gallery that the connection to the family’s Foundation Collection was made; selections were found not only to compliment both the works of Bev and her “masters” from the collection but also to find contrasts and to play on the works’ shapes and compositional structures. The sharing of both, side by side, continues to meet the mission of the Foundation – to foster an appreciation of art and art education by utilizing the collection to enhance and create exhibits within our galleries.

From Beverly Pearson:

Gene that fell!
I’m not a writer
I’m not a speaker
I’m an Artist!

In school days we were always asked to make posters. That’s how it started. Blessed with genes with the urge to create, and also a graduate of Medical Technology School in Minneapolis, writing the medical terms in shorthand. The challenge of having four children was a priority for a few years, then took many sessions of adult education classes finding out that I really loved “Doing Art” (as the grandchildren’s painting, by Larry Rivers, states).

My interest in art has been a real therapy through some very difficult days of my life. Hope to keep painting and hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did painting them.

Thank you for coming to my show.
– Bev

Viewers may note that each of Beverly’s pieces are unnamed. She asks that if you view her work, and a name comes to mind, please share in her guest book at the front entrance. She would love to hear how YOU would title it!

October 3, 2020 10:00 am
10:00 am — 4:00 pm (6h)

Pearson Lakes Art Center