Winter/Spring | Teen Art- Grades 7 -12 (2-3 pm or 4-5 pm)

Teen Art- Grades 7-12
Wednesdays- two-session classFee: $16, Members $12
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January 6 & 13: Metalsmithing – Cuff Bracelets -Learn how to form your own cuff bracelet with hammering tools, stamps, and finish with polishes or enamels to wear or give as a gift! Class Location: Youth Studio
January 20 & 27: Illustrated Architecture -Explore materials used to build with and ways to draw them as well as tricks & tools Artictects use to create their hand-illustrated designs! Students will use copic markers, watercolors, and colored pencils to draw 3-D buildings that look like brick, wood, stone, glass, and more! Class Location: Youth Studio
February 3, 10, 17, 24: Woven Ceramics *** Four Week Course -Participants in this four-week class will learn the basics of throwing a clay cylinder on the pottery wheel. Once a couple of pieces are created on the wheel and fired through the kiln, students will finish with various painting techniques and combine basketry caning to the top of works for a natural design. Class Location: Clay Studio
March 3 & 10: Painting in the Style of Fredrick Brown -Let musicians and music guide your creative energy in this two-week class as we learn about the painter Fredrick Brown. Study real Fredrick Brown paintings pulled from our very own PLAC Collection, learn about Brown’s life, work, and painting process as you create your very own portrait painted on canvas. Class Location: Youth Studio
March 17 & 24: Printing with Underglaze on Ceramics -Using underglaze paints made especially for ceramics, students will choose a bisque cast item to layer beautiful color and design on. Participants will create a printmaking design from foam that becomes the tool to coat with underglaze to print multiple times on the bisque surface. Pieces will be left to dry and go through the firing process in the kiln. Please allow two weeks finishing time- PLAC staff will call for pick up upon completion. Class Location: Youth Studio
April 7 & 14: Watercolors, Pen & Ink -Students will paint on heavyweight watercolor paper with bold liquid watercolors learning how to use the medium and techniques to make various textures within the paint. After painting, students will layer lines using colored felt ink pens and metallic acrylic ink to create a unique and bright work of art! Class Location: Youth Studio
April 21 & 28: MonoChromatic Paper Sculpture -Using painted papers and Exacto knives, students will imagine their own landscape out of monochromatic paper by cutting each layer to create depth, stacking, and building the artwork form the background to the foreground for dramatic final results. Class Location: Youth Studio

April 21, 2021 2:00 pm
2:00 pm — 3:00 pm (1h)

Pearson Lakes Art Center