Yoga for EVERYBody: Creating Accessible, Inclusive Yoga Practice

This workshop is all about creating a yoga practice that is accessible to all populations, no matter what the physical abilities. We will learn modifications and variations of common asanas (poses) through use of props, walls, chairs, or bed. We will review common medical conditions and the benefits and concerns of integrating yoga practice. We will discuss the impact of aging on the body and be aware of different conditions which have precautions and contraindications for yoga poses and/or pranayama. We will discover the powers of our own body’s ability to heal ourselves, strengthen, reduce stress and tension and discuss the many therapeutic benefits of this practice while improving overall health and well-being. We will empower teachers to offer safe and therapeutic practice of yoga and build a yoga community that integrates individuals of all levels, abilities, and backgrounds. This workshop with consist of lecture material with notes, partner and group work with presentation on modifications of asana and pranayama.

Dr. Meghan Nelson has been practicing physical therapy for over a decade in a variety of settings including home health, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient clinics. Meghan is a Professional Yoga Therapist who offers Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY), an integrative healthcare approach, in reducing pain, and improving strength, mobility, and function. Her approach begins with learning about the breath to help calm the nervous system and focusing on creating stability over mobility. Medical Therapeutic Yoga is appropriate for individuals recovering from surgery and/or injury or those facing other physical and/or mental disabilities. It is perfect for individuals who are beginning a yoga practice to have one-on-one guided sessions which address their specific needs. It is also appropriate for the advanced yoga practitioner who is looking for a thorough orthopedic and postural analysis of strength and mobility to improve their own practice. In addition to MTY, Meghan offers a variety of other specialties in physical therapy. She is a certified lymphedema therapist, she holds a certification in LSVTÒBIG treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, and she holds specialization in vestibular therapy to treat individuals with vertigo and/or dizziness. Meghan holds her RYT-200 from Evolve Yoga and she has completed a 45-hour training “Yoga for the Special Child” as well as certification in gentle and chair yoga.
Workshop is $45 and can count toward continuing education for many types of educators.

March 6, 2020 6:00 pm
6:00 pm — 9:00 pm (3h)

Yoga Okoboji School of Yoga