Young Adult Sumer Reading Program Subscription Box: Nature’s Smile

• Date: Tuesday, June 29 – Friday, July 9
• Theme: Nature’s Smile
Leigh Hunt once said, “Colors are Nature’s Smiles.” This could be why we smile and relax when we are in nature. The Young Adult Summer Reading Program Subscription Box: Nature’s Smiles will bring you a little bit of this enjoyment from Tuesday, June 29, through Friday, July 9.  Featured activities will have you going out into nature to collect flowers and leaves to make a lantern, water coloring a canvas pencil bag, and growing a do-it-yourself chia pet. Mother Nature will welcome you to enjoy a book from our reading list or listen to our playlist. There might be a day you are not able to go outside, you will be able to enjoy the to-watch list and enjoy the recipe included in this box. This nature-packed box is free and young adults can register by signing up for Summer Reading Program: Reading Colors Your World at or by emailing or calling  712-338-4643 or emailing  Arnolds Park Public Library, or  by calling 712-332-2033. When registering, please state which library you will be picking up your subscription box.

July 9, 2021 10:00 am
10:00 am — 5:00 pm (7h)

Arnolds Park Public Library, Milford Memorial Library