Youth Recharges

Recharges are weekend youth retreats at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp PACKED with fun, fellowship, and growing in faith. Come discover the great God we serve, learn more about the Bible, and have a blast with others at camp!

Fall Theme:POWER UP!-2 Peter 1:3

October 18-20: 4th-6th grade
November 1-3: 6th-9th grade
November 8-10: 6th-9th grade
November 22-24: 9th -12th grade

Living as a Christian in our world can be challenging. We mess up. We fall short. We need help. The good news is that God has given us exactly what we need to POWER UP and follow him. In fact, God sent the Holy Spirit to empower us to love others, obey His commands, speak truth, and serve others like Jesus. It’s like when Mario, Sonic, or another favorite video game hero struggles to complete a task, they find Power UP’s to give them tools and strength to keep going. (In fact, plan to see some video game characters and activities at the Recharges this fall!) Join us, to learn more about the strength God gives us and the different ways we can “POWER UP” our faith.

Confirmation Connection: Third Article of Apostles Creed, Importance of Christian Community.

Register online at or by calling camp at 1-800-OKOBOJI.

November 22, 2019 8:00 pm
8:00 pm — 12:00 pm (16h)

Ingham Okoboji Bible Camp