Walleye Weekend Grant Recipients

The Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the recipients of the 2024 Iowa Great Lakes Walleye Weekend grant program. Each year a portion of the Iowa Great Lakes Walleye Weekend Registration proceeds are donated back to the community to assist with various conservation and angling projects.

This year, with the fantastic turnout of over 2,100 anglers from 18 different states, the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber is excited to announce a total donation amount of $21,000. The funds were split between five applicants with a variety of projects directly affecting angling and conservation in the Iowa Great Lakes Area.

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Iowa Great Lakes Fishing Club

The Iowa Great Lakes Fishing Club received $3,500. This club hosts numerous kids fishing events for various organizations throughout the Iowa Great Lakes Region. Funds will assist with these events including: Spirit Lake Kids Fish Day (100+ kids), 3 Lakeside Lab events (75 kids), 2 Joy Camp Events (20 special needs kids/adults), the School of the Wild with Spirit Lake Students (100 kids), and a Spirit Lake mentors class (15 kids). Each of these 310 kids gets a tackle box and tackle from the club and helps build the future angling community in our region.

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Spirit Lake Protective Association

Spirit Lake Protective Association received $5,000. These funds will go towards building a new access dock at Hale’s Slough. With the bulrushes in Angler’s Bay it makes this a unique fishing location for anglers on Big Spirit and will enhance the small boat ramp.

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Okoboji Protective Association

Okoboji Protective Association received $5,000. These funds will help with the (Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Project (CLAMP) to help in measuring water quality in the Iowa Great Lakes. Measuring water quality helps guarantee safer lakes for fishermen/women and their catches.

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East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation received $4,000. These funds will assist with the injection of 190 gallons of Aquathol K into East Lake Okoboji, south of the Narrows shoreline, Upper Gar shoreline, and Minnewashta shoreline.

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Millers Bay Conservatory

Millers Bay Conservatory received $2,500. The funds will be used to create a kayak launch dock off of the public access dock into western Millers Bay (the premier spot for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding with its calm, sheltered waters and natural shoreline). This will assist in preserving and protecting the ecology and water quality of Millers Bay by promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly recreational uses of Millers Bay.