Iowa Great Lakes Walleye Weekend

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Walleye Weekend 2022

May 7-8, 2022


Save the date for the 40th Annual

Iowa Great Lakes Walleye Weekend

May 7-8, 2022!

Each year the Iowa Great Lakes Area kicks off walleye season with the Iowa Great Lakes Area Walleye Weekend tournament. Ten walleye are tagged and released in to the chain of Iowa Great Lakes. Starting at midnight on Saturday, May 7th you can cast your chance at catching one of these 10 tagged walleye worth $40,000! There are many other chances to win prizes all weekend long - from the largest fish categories to the raffle prizes at the awards luncheon.
The weekend's tournament ends at 11:59am on Sunday, May 8th. Make sure to sign up for the extended contest giving you a chance to catch one of the remaining tagged walleye from 12:00pm Sunday, May 8th to 11:59pm on Wednesday, August 31st. The first 3 tagged walleye caught during the extended contest are paid out a percentage of the registration fees all summer long! 

Congratulations to the winners of the heaviest fish contests!

In the heaviest stringer of Bullhead category:
1st place went to Jared Fuller of Duncombe, IA at 14.27lbs.
2nd place went to Zach Andrews of Fort Dodge, IA at 13.5lbs.
3rd place went to Dylan Mouw of Sheldon, IA at 13.38lbs.
For the heaviest Northern Pike category:
1st place went to Leonard Schiller of Ringstead, IA at 15.27lbs.
2nd place went to Heath Gray of Dickens, IA at 9.01lbs.
3rd place went to Cody Deruyder of Rock Rapids, IA at 6.86lbs.
In the heaviest stringer of Walleye (under 17”) category:
1st place and the Charlie Shuck memorial award went to Laef Lundbeck of Royal, IA at 4.94lbs
2nd place went to Torey Rogers of Worthington, MN at 4.73lbs.
3rd place went to Spencer Braaksma or Worthington, MN at 4.58lbs.
For the heaviest stringer of Panfish category:
1st place went to Ryan Gilson of Milford,IA at 6.33lbs.
2nd place went to Robbie Pietrowski of Windom, MN at 6.31lbs.
3rd place went to Rafe Blau of Spencer, IA at 6.17lbs.

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Tagged Walleye Caught!

The Prize Remains

May 20, 2020


The first tagged walleye was caught! Tim from Sioux City turned in the walleye at Stan's Bait & Tackle this morning and the tag was confirmed. Unfortunately he wasn't registered for the Extended Contest, so the $2,200 prize for the first tagged walleye is still available!

And then there were 8

June 1, 2020


Gene Weitsma, who lives on Big Spirit Lake, caught a tagged walleye at 9:30pm on Sunday night. Gene caught the walleye on Big Spirit Lake, cleaned it in the dark and brought the tag to Kabele's Trading Post this morning. He was not entered in the extended contest, which means the prize money is still up for grabs!

Another One!

June 27, 2020

AND ANOTHER ONE! Scott Kuhnert from Brandon, South Dakota caught a tagged walleye on the north end of Big Spirit Lake today and reported the catch to Kabele's Trading Post & Lodge! The walleye was caught using a slow death hook and crawlers.

Scott and his family have a cabin on Big Spirit and this is the first year in 15 YEARS that Scott did not register for Walleye Weekend (due to it being canceled). Scott was also not registered for the Extended Contest, and because he's such a nice guy, he released the walleye back into the lake so a registered angler can still have the opportunity.

So, that means there are STILL 8 tagged walleye out there folks along with the prize money! Go get 'em!

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